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Friday, July 25, 2014

Update on the Mandevilla vines

I love this vine! I mean I've never had a plant climb up this lamp post so nicely. Not sure if it will look this nice in a few more weeks when it is overgrown, but it's perfect the way it looks right now!

A nice substitute for Mandevilla vines if you are hoping for something smaller growing are Dipladenias. If you can find them cheap at a local nursery, they are a very inexpensive and beautiful way to fill out a planter. Annuals don't come cheap AND beautiful most of the time, but Dipladenias might be an exception!

Another beautiful Mandevilla are the white flowered Mandevillas. Slightly less vigorous than the pink flowered ones, but definitely still a VERY fast grower and a beautiful bloomer. Mine has had more blooms in the past, but I kind of like that it is showing a little bit of greenery because the leaves are also beautiful!

Not exactly a Mandevilla, but it isn't an Allamanda either! It's called a Yellow Mandevilla aka Urechites lutea. It's a beautiful yellow flowering vine, but very hard to take a good pic of it. It looks much nicer in person!

Thanks for looking!

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