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Sunday, September 11, 2016

A few September Photos

This weekend has featured absolutely perfect weather! Lots of heat and humidity which is perfect for the tropicals and for a person like me who refuses to believe that fall weather is knocking on our door.
Here are some photos of everything near their prime.

Took my heliconia out of its shady spot to give it some time to breath in the sun now that the sun angle isn't quite as strong as it was during the summer. Love the foliage and the blooms!

Speaking of foliage does not get much better than this! If I lived in the south all of my trees would have plantings under them like this. Up here these are potted plants.

I am in love with my Mekong Giant Banana! Unlike my Basjoos which has sat around all season, this started off as nothing in June after such a rough winter and is now about 8 feet tall. Beautiful leaves and incredible growth rate. A great little corner in my yard. 

Pool area looking nice. Would have liked the bananas on the right side of the planting to have gotten bigger though!

Cordyline anchoring the left part of the scene. 

A different angle

View from above! 

Here are a few closeups. 


Queen palm

Ensete leaf

Pink Canna bloom

Cucuzza bloom

Mexican Sunflower bloom

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for looking! 

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