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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nighttime pics around my yard (with flash)

For those of you who don't like night time photography with a flash on, ignore this post haha. When I get my tripod out, I'll post more natural night time pics, but until then, here's an update from my yard tonight!

Pool area at night. Still infested with yellow jackets so the only time to get near these plants is at night for now.

Brugmansias are amazing plants. I have a pretty hard time keeping them alive, but for some reason this individual has never given me problems. Always blooms and keeps getting bigger and bigger. It had a yellowing problem with the leaves last season, but is much greener this year.

Pool area from the Gazebo

Colocasias are amazing plants for the tropical look.

My largest plumeria

My Adondila palm and coconut palm with some cannas in the foreground.

Ti plants are pretty cool looking plants especially with some large leafed begonias underneath them.

Bigger view of the yard.

Hard to tell in this pic, but my Scott Pratt plumeria is about to make its first bloom. Pretty excited to see what color the blooms are. They are supposed to be a dark red, but it probably will be Autumn by the time the blooms open up on this one! 

Okay, there are some no flash pics. Spanish moss has a creepy look to it at night, but I like it!

My Ensete banana looks especially red with the flash on.

Pool View (and a view of my Weather Station)

Some livistona palms.

I'll end the post with pics of my largest plumeria.

Thanks for looking! I'll post a daytime update if the sun comes out tomorrow.

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