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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Late October Update in my backyard

While I am preparing things for winter, there are still a lot of plants enjoying their time outdoors.

The pool is long closed, but the plants are still giving their tropical effect to the area.

I love the fragrance of ginger this time of the year.

Brugmansias produce an equally incredible fragrance.

Still a lot of color in this very late October yard.

Almost more palmy than ever since all the palms went under the tree just incase we did get a frost.

I am already looking forward to making more succulent planters like this next season. I used potted plants from Home depot to create this look, but next year I will probably just buy succulent cuttings from somewhere online and save cuttings from this planter. It will be much cheaper!

A little tropical fall foliage with my Schefflera seed pods.

Tropical Hibiscus blooms with my Adondila palm in the distance.

My Mandevilla is still going very strong!

Knockout roses are known to have a nice and long blooming season and I definitely can agree. I gave these roses to my grandparents and they love them too. They bloom best in the spring and in the Fall. It's very welcome to have blooms in the Fall when everything else is starting to die down.

Bringing this huge banana in will be quite a project in and of itself.

When I got this loquat, the nursery people thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to plant it in the ground and let it survive the winter. They swore this plant is a "super tropical" that will die with a frost. Well it survived our April snow storm in the spring and while I will protect it, I will test it's limits a bit too. Wish me luck!

Thanks for looking!

This weeks preparation for winter...

Here's some pics of my attempts to get things ready for winter this week around the yard. These plants went in on the 29th.

Slowly moving my huge Adondila indoors.

It doesn't quite fit through the door

Next on the list of things to clean is my Ensete Banana. I am bringing it indoors long before frost hits it because I've seen banana plants turn to mush when they go inside if I bring them in after they see cold.

Sad to cut off all those leaves

But it has to be done!

The yard looking chaotic but beautiful as everything gets moved around and ready to indoors. today was a really nice and mild day, perfect for doing some yard work!

Hopefully I picked a good spot for them indoors for the season! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pictures around the yard today!

Mid October is about the time of the year when all the plants in the yard begin to get tired looking. They definitely aren't in their prime anymore, but they are still pretty close to it! Here are some pics from this weekend.
Colocasia "Mayan Mask" bloom

Spanish moss on a still green tree

My Cassia is blooming nicely!

My largest plumeria is about to go inside. This was definitely not as easy plant to take in. It's something I dread doing every Fall, but it is worth it!

Here's a look from the front yard!

When I got this ginger as a tourist plant from Hawaii in 2010 I would have never thought it would be a repeat bloomer in my yard every year and get as tall as me by October!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

OH NO, that time of the year again.

Well it's time to face the facts, winter is coming and it's time to bring some plants indoors. I have a lot to bring in so although no major frosts are on the horizon, I definitely cannot wait until the last minute to bring things in. Here is some of the work I did in the yard today.

The ti plants don't look quite the same without the large leafed begonias.

One of my plumerias has been dug up!

My Monstera is living up to its name. I didn't quite realize how huge it was until now.

The bananas needed a pruning. They won't be going inside just yet!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some closeup shots around the yard today

Things are still looking lively around the yard, but it is coming to that time of the year where it is time to bring things in.
Here are some macro shots!

I thought it was very cool that my Tibouchina grandiflora has different colored centers to the flowers. 

The flowers are amazing, but the foliage is beautiful as well.

Not sure what the ID is on this cactus since it was given to me by a wonderful woman who couldn't care for it anymore. It looks like a Cereus cactus to me though. The blooms on those are absolutely incredible so I hope it is! Meanwhile I am enjoying the symmetry of the plant.

But palm trees will always hold a special place in my yard. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Some more Tropical Mid October Pics around my yard

Temperatures are in the 50s today, but it looks warmer than that around the yard today. Here are some pics.
Front yard with my largest Ensete Banana, a large Cassia, my crape myrtles, kipper king hibiscus, roses, and other stuff too. 

A different angle. 

Here's a view of my washy now that less plants are blocking it.  Looking healthy but it's still young and will be vulnerable this winter. 

Close up of the Ensete's psudeostem. 

There are ;lots of seed pods on my lantana. Here's a tiny one with just one ripe seed left on it. 

Butterfly ginger blooming beautifully on this cool October day. 

The hibiscus are opening up a bit late with the cool weather. This one is only half opened despite it being the middle of the afternoon. 

Other blooms on the plant last much longer with the cooler weather so that is a plus! 

Morning glories also remaining open on this dark, chilly day. 

No fall foliage in my backyard yet, but lots of flower colors to make up for it. 

Plumeria still looking as awesome as always. Hopefully I can keep it happy indoors this winter and it will be just as beautiful next summer. 

Spanish moss will definitely start stealing the show when the cherry tree starts losing it's leaves. Makes for a good halloween decoration of the leaves fall off by then! 

Flowers through the palm fronds. 

My monstera and new brugmansia along with some old croton plants. 

Looking through the top of the Gazebo to see the tops of some tropical foliage 

Thanks for looking!