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Friday, July 4, 2014

Quick 3rd and 4th of July Update!

Happy Independence Day! Hurricane Andrew is a few miles off shore. While wind and rain is a minimal here, the clouds and cool weather from the storm have definitely put a damper on the day.

Here are some pics from today and yesterday!

Sunny Wind Hibiscus bloom.

Here are the pool area plants. A little messy looking because I just got back from vacation and haven't had the chance to prune and weed yet!

Here's the pool area plants yesterday under sunnier conditions.

My hibiscus is blooming well now!

My Brugmansia is making it's first flush of blooms. 

First plumeria inflo of the season!

I love this plumeria tree.

All of my gardenias are blooming like crazy in the yard. So many nice fragrances!

Here's my Chuck Hayes Gardenia. It survived last winter with protection and no problems at all. The blooms are fantastic! 

Desert Rose blooms all year long, outdoors in full sun, and indoors on a south facing ledge.

I planted some hibiscus and plumeria in the ground for a nice tropical look. They have both leafed out incredibly well over the past few weeks!

Confederate Jasmine still blooming really well. It's been in bloom for about a month and saw temperatures in the low 20s this past winter.

My Brown turkey Fig tree is coming back!

Here's some nice Pentalionon luteum. They really like this spot. Very hot sun from noon till sunset in this area, but I give them a ton of water to keep them happy.

Sabal minor blooming and recovering after a rough winter. The plant did get protected, but the protection failed on the coldest night of the year so it saw the winter low of 3F, or very close to it (and it got damaged pretty badly considering it was protected the rest of the winter)

My European fan palm was under the same circumstances as my Sabal Minor. It immediately defoliated after feeling the 3F night, but the spear never pulled and it is growing back very well now. The pup did not completely defoliate from the winter.

I love Mexican Sunflowers. This is my first year growing them, but it will not be my last!

My big Ensete is getting bigger and bigger. I can't wait to see how big it gets in the Fall. My Swamp Hibiscus is getting ready to bloom soon! 

Daylily bloom.

Here are some pics of the storms from last night. We JUST missed them where I live, but they looked ominous.

Thanks for looking as always!

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