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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Backyard update from today!

Here's what's going on in my yard today! 

New furniture set, old plants. Actually, other than the mandevilla, agave, and vegetables all these plants were in my yard for at least an entire summer already.

I have plans on filling this planter with some more plants to hide how badly the livistona is doing after a winter in the garage.

My ti plant hasn't grown too much since spring, but it hasn't stopped looking nice since last year. This was in my apartment away from home for much of the winter by a sunny window. It did amazingly well there.

Gardenias blooming all over the place!

I like this combination. I think Begonias look good in just about any planter!

I still haven't gotten to actually planting this yet and I bought it in April! Doing great though.

A view of the pool area.

Coleus getting big!

Pool area

I love this plumeria

I really like this part of the yard, but unfortunately there is a yellow jacket nest under my Brugmansia and they are starting to get very aggressive now. I'm worried about Fall.

A pic of my recovering fig tree with my Chuck hayes gardenia.

Under the moss!

Confederate Jasmine planter. Love this plant!

Thanks for looking!

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