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Monday, August 8, 2016

Blooming This Week: Brugmansia "Ember Yellow"

Angel Trumpets add beautiful color and interest to a tropical yard. The fragrance is out of this world especially in the evening. This cultivar smells exactly like laundry detergent! Unfortunately I'll be getting fewer blooms this year than usual because the plant is suffering from insect damage and recovering from rot in the garage last winter. My double flowering Brugmansia is so stubborn and is now working on it's 3rd summer without any blooms. Really frustrated with that one. It made a few buds but they all fell off!

If you have a brugmansia and you want to know if it's at blooming age, there's a really easy way to know! Look at the branches. If the branches naturally form a "Y" shape, it's blooming age and you should be getting buds soon! The more "Y"'s, the more blooms!

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