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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Late September Blooms - A mix of Summer and Fall

September is a fantastic month for tropical gardening here in New York City, but undoubtedly a transitional month as well. It's hard to differentiate early September from Summer when it comes to the weather but now there is no doubt in everyones mind that Fall is here and in full swing with temperatures failing to reach 80F on most days and nights cooling into the 50s. Fortunately most of my plants still have a LOT of energy from all the summertime heat and despite the cooler weather and longer shadows even the most tender plants are doing great. 

Mandevillas need heat to create buds, but once flower buds are developed they will bloom even in cooler weather. I usually have blooms until frost.

Plumeria blooms start to change color and shape when the weather gets cooler. Usually heat brings out the best color in plumerias but I have noticed that some of my plumerias will color up in cooler weather.

My plumeria "Crazy" for example is nearly all yellow now instead of mostly white.

The biggest fragrance producer in my yard at any time of the year is Ginger. I absolutely love these plants.

The hibiscus flowers are stating to get a bit smaller, but both my hardy hibiscus and tropical hibiscus are filled with lots of blooms even as we head into October.

I could not resist some mums. Mums and croton make an awesome fall entryway.

My farfugium is so happy it is blooming! Fantastic growing season for this plant. It will be overwintering in my garage.

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