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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Backyard Pics.

Just a few pics of the yard (and a pic of my dog)

Some more Crape Myrtle Zuni Blooms

Crape Myrtles starting to bloom all over the area now. Mine is still in the early stages of blooming, only 3-4 branches blooming at the moment. Lots of blooms on the way though. Still no signs of buds on the Tuscarora yet unfortunately.

Kopper King Hibiscus finally in Bloom!

Here's a pic of my first Kopper King Hibiscus bloom of the season. It has 3 blooms on it today (this pic was taken 2 days ago) so it is really moving along!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crape Myrtle Zuni starting to bloom!

My Crape myrtle is finally starting to bloom. Although it's supposed to be a later bloomer than my Tuscarora, My Tuscarora is a newly planted tree and is still establishing itself. It should also make blooms though in a few more weeks.

Mexican petunia blooming!

My Mexican petunia survived the winter although it came up so late that I dug it up and repotted it. Here's a pic.

Monthly Comparison pics.

Here are some pics comparing the yard on June 22nd and the yard today, July 24. (Click on the pictures for a larger view)

Normal Colocasia, crazy growth! It was just transplanted in the first pic. Second pic is just 4 weeks later.

This area hasn't changed too much in the past month. The monstera, Dracaena, and Philodendron Xandu have some fresh leaves and I have some new plumerias now

My plumeria Divine and Scott Pratt on June 22nd vs. July 24th

4 weeks of growth from the pool area.

4 weeks has changed this area quite a bit. My big plumeria has 2 inflow now and my fig has about 50 fruits on it at the moment.

A different angle of the pool area. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Confederate Jasmine blooming in Mid Summer!

My Confederate Jasmine is always on it's on schedule. I left it outside until January this year so it was exposed so some pretty cold temperatures (definitely the 20s). I brought it in to a room that was in the 80s so it was blooming just 2 weeks later thinking it was spring. Then I sent it back outside and it was exposed to some more cold so now that the hot weather is here I guess it thought that spring was here. Must be wondering why the seasons are getting so short, ha!

My Thanksgiving Cactus also decided to make a few blooms in late June. That's definitely attributed to the terrible spring we had (well all spring that aren't above average in temperature are terrible for me).

Plumeria Jenny

Here are some bloom pics from my Plumeria Jenny. Got it as a 5 gal from Jungle Jacks about 3 weeks ago. The blooms are up to 5 inches in diameter, really incredible plumeria, already one of my favorites!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Caladiums in the landscape

You gotta love Caladiums. They bring lots of color to shady spots and do great with other shade loving plants like begonias. They aren't solely shade plants though. Even in this kind of crazy heat (102F in my yard today) they thrive in part sun. This year I started most of my caladiums from bulbs. They started sprouting indoors in a very warm room and now I have a ton of them around the yard. Here are just a few adding some color where it's needed.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Entire Plumeria Collection

Well here it is, pretty much my entire plumeria collection.

Here's one of my newest purchases, my Plumeria Jenny from Jungle Jacks. It just came in the mail 3 weeks ago and has a load of blooms on it. I got it as a 5 gallon, definitely recommend!

I also got my Plumeria "Crazy" from Jungle jacks about 3 weeks ago. Not expecting any blooms from it this year, but maybe next year it will bloom if I am lucky.

Here's my California Sunset. A friend gave it to me about 2 years ago and it has been a slow grower. I recently repotted it so hopefully that will give it the push it needs to start growing faster.

Got this Adenium in Summer 2011. In the past I've had terrible luck getting these to survive indoors; however, this one has been an exception.

From left to Right: My variegated Plumeria "Maya". I've had it since summer 2009 and it has never bloomed and has not grown much. Still a very cool novelty plant. In the center is my Scott Pratt given to me from a friend as a cutting 2 summers ago. It rooted really well and is a very vigorous grower. Hoping for some blooms soon! To the very right is my Plumeria Divine. The mother plant rotted this year but the cuttings live on.

My Plumeria "melody" came in the mail 3 weeks ago with some last blooms on it.

I got my Plumeria "Pretty Princess" in Summer 2010. Pretty decent semi compact grower that reliably blooms every year (although usually pretty late in the season unfortunately) 

My oldest and biggest plumeria. Got this as a 1 foot tall plant in March 2009. It has no ID, but has really nice red blooms and is a very fast grower. It blooms every year, usually starting around September or late August.

Thats most of my plumerias. I have 2 more Plumeria "Divine" cuttings, a very small Plumeria Obtusa (got it in August 2010) and another NO ID plumeria that has not bloomed since 2010.