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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Late September Pics!

The yard is still going strong as we approach the first week of October. Here are some pics from this weekend!

Plumerias going very strong. The blooms are nice but the fragrance is really incredible especially at night.


The only Desert Rose I have ever kept alive has been going strong for 5 summers  now!

I moved my Ti plants from the stairs because the wind kept blowing them down. I kind of like them here. 

The tropicals are doing a good job keeping our electrical equipment hidden. 

This orchid bloomed all winter long indoors and it's at it again!

A large shot of my orchid with my croton plant below and a lot of spanish moss. 

Spanish moss really completes the tropical look. 

Pool area with my Brugmansia to the left and a several different Colocasia and Alocasia. 

My largest palm and a new purchase, a Yucca schottii! Excited to get this one in the ground. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Some September shots!

Wow what a hot September it has been! Even at night we stayed above 60F up until this week. More 80s and 90s than 70s by far and it looks like the forecast is still above average. I think my plants are becoming desperate for rain but the additional heat is really helping them sustain their growth despite the quickly shortening days. Here are some pics of my New York City Jungle this week!