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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Some end of season pics!

I have been really busy now that summer is over, but I've still been taking care of the plants despite the lack of updates.
Here's some pics of what has been going on in my yard over the past month. First few pics were taken in Early October, the last few were taken today. Still no frost yet so everything is alive for now (next week is a different story!)


Yucca filamentosa with Geraniums. Still looking great!

Mandevilleas are winding down, but still lots of blooms 

The big plumeria was really hard to bring indoors this year, but I managed. Not sure if I'll be able to get it to fit inside next year though. It's about 15 feet tall!

Camellia "Long Island Pink" blooms.

Pretty Princess Plumeria managed to make some blooms before having to go inside. 

Pool plants in late October

Plumeria in late October

Yard in late October

Adondila and Coconut Palm

Mandevilla and Plumeria


Solitaire Palm, Monstera, Dracaneas, and spindle palm.

Plants by the southern Magnolia. these hibiscus grew like crazy in the ground this year!

November hibiscus blooms!

The Hibiscus by the southern magnolia were dug up and are now indoors.

Hibiscus blooms in November

Huge Adondila heading indoors

Mandevilla losing steam because of the cooler weather and the incredible drought.

These pics were all taken as of today.... November 9th. Still no freeze or frost yet, but this coming week will be a very cold one. 

Butterfly ginger blooms are getting smaller with the cool weather, but the fragrance is as nice as always!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weather Stats so far for 2013

Here's the Daily Plot of temperatures for September 2013

Here's how 2013 is looking as a whole so far

Monday, September 2, 2013

Some random shots around the yard.

Just a few pics around the yard. (Click to enlarge)

Agave Desmettiana "variegata"

Pool plants 

Trachycarpus from below

Elephant ears

Spanish moss

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random Blooms

Just some blooms around the yard!

Passiflora "Berkley"

Moon Vine

Brugmansia "Ember Glow

Passiflora "Incense"

Passiflora "Jennifer Grace"

White Mandevilla


Plumeria "Jenny"

Tall plumeria bloom

My tallest plumeria has a nice head of blooms on it again. Here are some pics...