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Friday, October 16, 2015

Mid October Pictures Around the Yard

With an early frost possible, I decided to play it safe and bring some plants inside.

The hibiscus are nice and snug for winter!

My bottle palm heading indoors ahead of the frost scare

The plumerias are also heading inside. I have never seen them in such full bloom this late into the season (These pics from the middle of october!). Even my largest plumeria is throwing some blooms!

Plumerias do very well inside since they are able to go dormant. Unfortunately inducing dormancy means cutting off all their leaves which can get a little messy!

Meanwhile outside many plants are as green and healthy as ever despite the frosty weather. Here's my Mekong Giant Banana with my Bronx Fig and some elephant ears.

My Butterfly ginger doing well after the frost scare.

Although crotons are pretty frost sensitive this croton still looks great since it was protected by a tree overhead.

The angel trumpet blooming as well as ever. The fragrance alone is so nice to have this time of the year!

Here was my quick frost protection for it

A look at all the pool plants. You can see a little bit of frost damage on the Alocasia Portora to the far right.

Here is the pool area the night of the frost scare

Yucca Filamentosa "Color Guard" make amazing potted plants because it looks this nice all year long!

My bananas and monstera vine received some quick frost protection. The large tree also provides some frost protection too so I was not worried about these plants as much.

This winter I am trying a Soft Caress Mahonia. They are only cold hardy to about 10F so they are really borderline cold hardy here in NYC. I will throw some blankets on them when it gets really cold. The blooms are beautiful. It's going into the winter really healthy!

The pathway to the backyard sees full sun during the summertime but is pretty shady this time of the year.

The roses are loving the cooler weather. During good years Knockout Roses can bloom 10 months out of the year. My washy palm adds a nice tropical backdrop.