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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A few early summer photos from NYC

My parents have been updating me with photos of my yard back up in NYC now that I am living in Gainesville. Things are coming along really nicely. My gardenias up there look WAY nicer than the ones I am growing down here in Florida.
Here's a few photos. I'll have a complete update from the yard sometime in August!

If you look carefully you'll see HUNDREDS of baby plants growing on the agave stalk in front of that second window. It took about 1 year (much of that time inside the garage) for the stalk to fully mature. My Loquat is right in the center of this photo. It's getting pretty big! It had no major issues with minimal protection last winter. Definitely a great zone 8 plant! Not as hardy as Fatsia. My basjoo has grown more since this photo was taken a few weeks ago. Maybe one day it'll establish itself into a nice clump!

How amazing is this Frostproof Gardenia? I got it from home depot for 15 dollars. It's awesome!

Crown Jewel is another winner for northern yards wanting to grow gardenias.

This is the most dramatic hardy gardenia I've grown. It did not receive much protection last winter and it's as happy as it can be. This variety is "Summer Snow". It blooms all summer long and the blooms are really large. It's a very showy variety and I'm surprised it's as hardy as it is. 

My Plumeria "Jenny" never fails!

My Cordyline is probably pushing about 8 feet tall. I can't believe how fast it's grown in just 4 years. The Livistonas look happy without me, but the Adondila in the corner is overcoming some sun scorching on the fronds.

Thanks for looking!