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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First bloom of the season from my largest Plumeria!

When I first heard these beautiful tropical trees existed back in 2009 (the first year I really knew what I was doing when I planted tropicals in my yard), I felt pretty inspired to be honest because of how beautiful the blooms on them are. These trees bring to mind images of Hawaii with their incredible fragrance and tropical appearance, but they make amazing potted plants for NYC since they go dormant during the winter time when I have to bring them indoors. Can't think of many other plants more suited to bring the tropical look to a temperate climate.

My tallest plumeria is 14 feet tall and almost as wide and it's a reliable bloomer. It has bloomed every year since I got it 5 years ago and every year it blooms earlier and earlier (and the bloom season lasts longer and longer!). Well the first bloom of the year opened today. Here's a pic from out my window.

Bonus pic of some spanish moss on my ornamental cherry.

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