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Friday, September 2, 2016

A few September Blooms

While Meteorological Fall is here, my summer is still fully in summer mode. Here are some photos!

A rouge landscaper ripped out my awesome morning glory vines in the front yard just before they were getting ready to bloom. Fortunately I had a few in the backyard that, while a bit lankier, are finally blooming.

The yellow potted cannas have bloomed all summer long. They look great in the rain with the morning glories. 

These orchids have been blooming nearly non-stop since January. I'm really impressed with them! 

Plumeria "Divine" is a beautiful dwarf plumeria you'll never outgrow! 

My Plumeria Maya may not be a big bloomer (it's never bloomed in the 7 years I've had it), but it's got beautiful variegated foliage). 

Plumeria Melody is a fantastic bloomer. Unfortuantely the timing isn't great with it already being September.

Plumeria "Crazy" has bloomed non-stop all summer!

Brugmansia Ember Yellow is a favorite of mine. It's the only Brugmansia I've ever gotten to bloom. Even after dying to the roots last winter in the garage it has come back with lots of vigor! 

Hibiscus, Heliconia, and Cannas!

I really love heliconias. The blooms are beautiful! 

Brugmansia with a hyacinth bean vine. 

Purple Hearts have beautiful foliage and blooms. They are pretty hardy too! 

These fuzzy blue flowers look unbelievable close up. The butterflies love them! 

I never go a season without begonias. They are so easy to grow and never stop blooming from the day I plant them to frost. 

The vine underneath the begonias is "Creeping Jenny". It overwinters in the pot. Very invasive though so be careful planting them in the ground.

These hardy ice plants were supposed to only bloom in early summer but they've had blooms all season. I hope they survive their first winter in a planter! 

Thanks for looking! Hopefully Tropical Storm Hermine brings some needed rain! 

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