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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Got a Yucca Aliofolia!

I always wanted a Yucca Aliofolia and today mine finally came in the mail. I'm hoping to plant it next spring, I'll update it's growth monthly, hopefully it will be a nice size for planting by spring! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Things in Bloom today


 Ornamental Sweet Potatoes
 Mexican petunias

 Plumeria divine bloom about to open. Bloom season for the Plumerias has been very unimpressive so far

Passion Vine blooms almost daily from May to frost, I've gotten blooms on Thanksgiving Day in the past! 

Allamanda, probably training it into a tree eventually

Plumeria "pretty princess" blooming late as always. Should get a bloom or 2 before it has to go inside :/

Livistona, Trachy, and purple heart all survived the winter and the purple heart has been blooming for the past month or 2.

Oleander has been blooming since Late June, looks like it has enough buds on it to last at least a month more (usually its not a very long bloomer, but this year its been good)

Brugmansia has been been a huge disappointment compared to last year, but it looks like I will get to see some blooms this year afterall.

Kopper king hibiscus, one of my favorite perennials. Beautiful plant, completely hardy and I think its the most traffic stopping plant in the front yard.

Crape Myrtle "Zuni" is a very late bloomer for me. Most crapes are blooming now in my area, this one still hasnt yet. It has lots of buds though so it will be beautiful when it does! And it is taller than me now, it grew about 2 feet more this year.

Canna "robert kemp" survived the winter and has had lots of blooms. These 2 blooms are the tallest of the year (taller than the 6 foot fence). Should get to at least 10 feet tall by Fall.

Just the Tillandsias

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Late July 2012 Update!



Frostproof gardenia few wks ago

Moon Vine 2 weeks ago. 


Volunteer Cypress vine


 Kopper King Hibiscus huge compared to last year!


Lantanas under foxtail

Really disappointed with the Ensete 

Spiral ginger growing well. Saba had 7 new leaves by this time last year so far it only has 4.

Pansies are done for the year so I dug those out and planted some Begonias!

New string lights

Great deal on this foxtail!