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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pics of some blooms in my front yard this evening….

My Crape Myrtle with some spanish moss. Spanish moss loves growing on crape myrtles and Ir early like the look!

Close up…

Knockout roses putting on their second show of the season.

Here are some late-night pics around the front yard.

Some more of that spanish moss 

The Ensete has a nice look at night. You can see the leaves on the popcorn plant folded up for the night.

Anyone able to ID the bug inside my Cucuzza squash flower?

Castor Bean, Thailand Giant elephant ears, and my Blooming Sabal minor.

Some more Cucuzza blooms. This vine grows INSANELY fast. I'm not kidding when I say this may take over my entire front yard by the time the first frost hits. The blooms are beautiful, but only open at night (starting at about 7pm)

I was so frustrated with this plant because it just wasn't making any fruit. But today I saw the first fruit of the season from it! Cannot wait to taste some Cucuzzi! They are supposed to taste like Zucchini. 

That's all for now! Thanks for looking!

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