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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot and humid today, just how my plants like it!

It was a pretty beautiful afternoon. Definitely one of the best pool days in a while and I really loved the heat and humidity today. My plants looked like they were loving it too. Here's a few shots!

My pool plants are getting bigger by the day. Still scared to get too close to them with the yellow jacket nest getting bigger and bigger by the day as well. I will make a nice post about that in a week or so when I finally make my move to get rid of the yellow jackets once and for all!

My plumeria filled out nicely over the past few months. Nothing better than some beautiful puffy cumulous clouds as a backdrop. You can tell there will be some nice thunderstorms in the area tonight with all this humidity and a nice front moving in.

My hibiscus is doing it's own thing. Lots of buds but blooms are not a daily occurrence yet (I'll get a bloom or 2 every other day). Hopefully they will be blooming full force August-October!

Thanks for looking! If you don't like this weather cooler and drier weather is on the way for the end of the week!

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