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Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Pics of flowers around the yard.

Here's a pic of my Crape Myrtle "Zuni". 

A bigger view 

My Mandevilla has more than double in sized over the

My Mandevilla in the backyard saw some light frosts in the spring, but it has grown really well since. Imagine how fast it would grow if the roots weren't confined to a pot!

Brugmansia "Emerald Glow" bloom

Robert Kemp Hibiscus

Painted Lady Hibiscus (this one is tropical!)

Moon vine one night before opening up.

Huge moon vine bloom the next evening. 

Passiflora "Berkley" about to make the first bloom of the season.

I thought I lost this Mexican Petunia over the winter, but I potted up the roots anyways to see what would happen. It ended up growing back without a problem! Every single plant that I thought died over the winter ended up coming back eventually.

Thanks for looking!

Potted Livistona pic.

I rarely take pics of this palm, but it makes a nice potted plant. I've had it for about 3 years now. It always gets sun damage in the spring, but makes a full recovery by this time of the year. 

Saw this cool insect today!

Turns out that Hummingmoths really like Crape Myrtles and roses. I think hummingmoths are really cool looking insects. They have a very similar apperance to hummingbirds but aren't. Here are some pics (Click to enlarge)

Big Plumeria Pic!

First pic is of a dragon fly resting on my the top of the plumeria inflo (about 12 feet high). Must be a nice view up there!

Last of my "Robert Kemp" hibiscus blooms.

Unfortunately it looks like these 2 blooms are the last for my "Robert Kemp" hibiscus for the summer. It has been blooming for about a month.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Night Pics around the Pool Area

Nothing like taking pics around the yard late at night. Here are some of the plants around the pool area. Hope you like 'em! Click on a pic to enlarge.

Hawaiian Ti plant - Cordyline fruticosa

Without a doubt, Ti plants are one of the most beautiful plants around. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes and can look incredible as potted plants no matter what style of gardening you are into. I mixed mine with some big leaved begonias. I got the Ti Plants from Hicks out on Long Island. The plants there are usually very high quality and they have great deals from time to time also! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Succulent Picture Frame

Well this project took about 6 hours to complete and about $80 of my money ($20 came from needing a new saw), but my Succulent picture frame is finally finished! I'm proud to say I made it completely from scratch considering that I'm not the most handy person in the world. I plan on putting it on the wall of my new bathroom in about 3 months. I want to give the succulents time to be fully rooted so they will spend the rest of the summer and much of Fall outside getting established.

Here are some pics! This was really not too hard to make, I definitely recommend making one yourself if you like how mine turned out! The frame itself is about 11 inches in length and width. I bought 50 succulents on ebay and only used about half of them to fill this up if you want to get an idea about how many succulents it would take to make your own succulent frame. I put spanish moss underneath the succulents to tie the look together. Click on the pics for a larger view!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Frost proof Gardenia bloom

Saw this bloom opening up on my Frostproof gardenia. I can't speak for other hardy Gardenia cultivators, but this one does great in a nice sheltered location here in NYC. It blooms on and off all summer long.

Crape Myrtle Zuni Blooms

Crape Myrtles are definitely my favorite trees that I can find commonly around my neighborhood. Glad to see a southern favorite being grown around NYC. Home Depot carries these all summer long at a reasonable price as do most nurseries. A lot of newer buildings have been using Crape Myrtles as street trees or in their landscapes. (Click on pics to enlarge)

Brugmansia "Emerald Glow" Blooms Part 2!

Typically brugmansias bloom in "flushes". There are periods of lots of blooms and periods in between that of few (if any blooms). My plant is now starting it's second flush of the season and it's got about 8-9 blooms open at the moment with more on the way. The bloom scent isn't too strong. It kind of smells a bit like windex to me.

Here are some pics! (Click the pic to enlarge