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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Winter Surprises

There are a few plants that really shocked me by surviving the winter!
First up are these Alocasias. I never even planted them in this spot so I am amazed they are coming up!
This picture is from last Fall, you can see at the very bottom of the picture several alocasias that are potted in small pots. This is the same area where about 4 tiny ones have started popping up within the past few weeks. I am not sure what species they are (or if they are even definitely Alocasias), but they are Here you can see many potted alocasias below last summer in the location these are popping up in. I don't know the species of Alocasia (they were sold as Alocasias but they may be Xanthosama). Either way after a crazy winter low of 1F this year, safe to say they are hardy in zone 7!

Here they are sprouting up!

I dug up my Frostproof Gardenia in the front to make room for other plants not realizing it was still alive! I kept it in a pot just in case and am pleasantly surprised to see it starting to sprout again from the ground. My Frostproof in the backyard is also sprouting from the roots. 

My Crown Jewel Gardenia was protected and came out of the winter amazingly healthy, but unfortunately was stepped on while work was being done in the yard, destroying about 80% of the plant. The part that remains is still growing strong and I hope it fills out this season.

My Camellias were the bad kind of surprise unfortunately. My oldest one in the most exposed spot of the yard suffered about 50% dieback. The remaining branches look healthy enough to bloom next year. I will protect it this winter since I have by doubts this winter will be mild.

My camellias in deep shade look much better. Kramers Supreme is supposed to be a zone 8 camellia but I have had a lot of success with it in my zone 7 even after last winters 1F low. No significant damage, but unfortunately it's in too deep of shade to develop proper buds. 

My Long Island Pink Camellia is not very hardy unfortunately despite what it is sold as. It survives normal winters without a problem, but a few degrees is the difference between completely healthy and significant dieback. I'm going to let the ostrich ferns do their work on that area.

I have never had Caladiums survive inside, but these dwarf caladiums did great. They were dormant late Fall until about the new year and have been growing well ever since.

Not a surprise to see my lilies survive their 6th winter since they are very hardy. I always forget about them though and enjoy seeing them.

My Passion vine did receive protection and unfortunately suffered dieback regardless. 

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