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Friday, June 26, 2015

EarthBox Cucuzza Growth Rate (2 and a half weeks)

Cucuzza's are incredible plants. If you haven't heard of them - you're not alone because before last year I had no clue what they were. I just felt adventurous and picked up a tiny seedling at a local nursery last year and this year's crop (of about 30 plants) all came from seeds from last years plant.
I have 4 plants growing in this tiny pot called an earth box. Unfortuantely my plants are starting to yellow a bit now so I hope that it will still look nice as summer progresses and we get lots of great fruit from it (already a dozen long squashes growing). I have another plant in a normal pot on the other side of the gazeboo that is MUCH smaller so if this one loses steam that one should fill in the gaps for the remainder of the summer!

First Pic is from June 7th. Last pic is June 25th. So this post documents only 2 and a half weeks of growth!

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