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Friday, June 12, 2015

Blooms around the yard this week.

My Cucuzza plant only opens its flowers late at night and while the fruit is the main attraction right around sunset it is hard to miss all of the white flowers on it too.

My Confederate Jasmine was in full bloom back in March but it looks like it still has some buds left in it. It is definitely my favorite fragrance in the yard or at least pretty close to it!

I really like this begonia. It was looking a little rough when it was first planted but has definitely settled in now and should fill out nicely in a few weeks.

Flemington Hibiscus has lots of buds, it should be opening up its first blooms before June ends.

Big Picture

Coral Bells have incredible foliage and cool blooms as well.


Not sure what this plant is, it sprouted very randomly. Looks like a begonia could be an Alocasia. We'll see! 

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