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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Ugly (post 1)

So I figured this season I'm gonna try something new and dedicate a post to the ugliest plants in yard right now and update monthly on their progress as the season progresses.

One of the ugliest plants at the moment is my Brugmansia in the front yard. I gave it a lot of space so hopefully it grows as nicely as my "Ember Glow" in the backyard has. Right now it is just a glorified twig/ tasty home for spidermites. This weekend I'll be picking up some fertilizer for it and hopefully that be all it needs.

Colocasia Mojito were easy to overwinter indoors but slow to come back!

Another ugly plant is my Crown Jewel Gardenia. It was really beautiful just 2 weeks ago but it got stomped on and now is pretty bare. I think it will still look great in bloom (even if fewer branches means fewer blooms) and maybe it will surprise me with good growth.

Right next to it is my fig tree. This time 2 years ago it was taller than me but 2 rough winters have left their mark. Believe it or not it's not completely dead although it was killed back to the roots. It will definitely need some fertilizer but it might be a nice looking bush by the end of summer.

Some potted plants are far from perfect as well. I really lucked out when i saw a nice sized philodendron xanadu at a local nursery a few years ago. They are more compact than P. Selloum and much better at recovering from indoor winter damage. Right now they look awful. I cut off a branch from the main plant because it was getting too tall and lanky and I also planted it facing the opposite direction of the sun in order to keep promote growth on all sides of the plant. If all goes well this planter will be beautiful. Right now though it's really ugly.
The Xanadu in to the right planter is a cutting and still unrooted (just a small aerial root) and it's a bit wilted from the hot weather we had last week. Fortunately this week was cloudy/rainy/cold. Good weather for rooting cuttings!

This planter isn't ugly bit it is a bit weird looking. The coleus and begonias are still really young (and they arent planted yet!) so the rubber tree look really out of place. In a few months it will hopefully be an impressive planter.

(pic still to come)

My Dwarf Cavendish bananas had really weird new growth so I just cut off all the leaves hoping that will allow them to focus on root development and that all new growth will be much healthier now. I would not mind if this also promoted some nice pup growth. These plants are probably less ugly now than they were with leaves.

The ti plants have not been as nice as in the past but they are slowly bouncing back.

This hibiscus also looks pretty ugly. I recently pruned it back very hard and I am considering pruning the roots back hard as well and filling the planter with fresh soil. We will see but for now it is a pretty ugly plant although a quickly recovering one.

(pic still to come)

These hibiscus also look ugly but wont be for long hopefully. They lost every leaf when I brought them inside and lost every leaf when I brought them back outside. They will be full again by July and should be blooming normally by August

These cannas have a long way to go...

The ones in the front yard are mixed with sunflowers. Also still a long way from looking nice!

Thats all for now, but more than enough ugly plants. Will update again on these soon and more updates on the nicer looking stuff is on the way soon!

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