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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Some blooms around the yard this week.

I don't know theres not that much going on around the yard lately. The weather this month hasn't been perfect for tropicals and everything got a later start with the yard work so things are a bit behind. Hopefully with some warmer weather things will get kicking. In the meantime there are a lot of things in bloom.

Roses with Washingtonia fronds.

Not sure what this plant is but it's been a reliable annual since mid April! 

Portulacas and Desert Roses are the only consistent flowering plants that can survive the heat of this table and thrive!

Getting a second show from my Confederate jasmine plant. It bloomed indoors March (and outdoors a bit in April) so the additional blooms are welcome! Extremely nice and fragrant plant.

Speaking of fragrant cannot go wrong with Plumerias. This is my Plumeria Jenny.

I thought the hollyhock was in it's second year when I bought it this spring but I guess not.I have seen a LOT of positive things about Digiplexis Illumination Flame (a hybrid between the traditional foxglove and those native to the Canary islands). Looks like I will have something to contribute to the conversation too since both of my plants are quickly throwing up bloom inflos. I'm excited to see what they are capable of! 

I apparently have a brown thumb when it comes to edible plants (most of them anyway) but at least my watermelon is blooming!

Reliable lilies. Planted these in 2009 and I always forget about them until they surprise me with blooms mid June to early July.

And although predominately a mid - late spring bloomer, my Rugosa Rose is blooming on the first day of summer!

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