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Monday, September 8, 2014

This past weekend in my yard

Here's a few pics from my yard at the end of this incredible September heat wave! It felt more like summer this past week than it did for most of summer! This might be the most tropical my yard has looked to date,  I'm proud of all the hard work I did to make it happen this year. Won't be long before all of these things are being prepared for winter, but I still have another 2 months to enjoy my plants!

Here's the entrance to the backyard...

A bubbling cumulous cloud early on Friday afternoon.

Plumeria bloom from my room upstairs.

Potted ensete and some spanish moss from the upstairs bedroom.

Pool area from upstairs

Castor bean seed pod looking cool

Plumeria "Crazy" is making an inflo. I think what would really be crazy is if I got blooms from this one considering it's already almost mid September.

Looks like I have a pretty good chance at seeing some decent blooms from my "Scott Pratt" plumeria given to me as very healthy cutting back in 2010 from my friend Laura who has an amazing plumeria collection.

My Adondila definitely has put out a lot of trunk growth in the 3 years I have had it.

My Dwarf cannas are blooming really well. I love these plants. 

Hibiscus love this time of the year!

Some more hibiscus blooms with my spanish flag vine intertwining with it.

Pool area looking nice and lush. 

Here's my windmill palm. It's been in the ground since March 2009 so this will be it's 6th winter in the ground (I can hardly believe it's been that long!)

Some hibiscus, plumeria, and my budding Tibouchina grandiflora.

Closer look at the popcorn Cassia plant. 

Russian Red Canna blooming about 9 feet up in the air.

Butterfly ginger blooming much closer to the ground. I have about 3 bloom heads on my ginger.

A different angle on my pool plants. Nice view of my Alocasia portadora and Colocasia Mojito.

Different angle on my Adondila palm

I love this plumeria even if it never bloomed.

Ensete banana is scaring me with how big it is haha. This is gonna be quite a challenge to bring inside, but a challenge I'm definitely accepting.

I'm not a tall person at only 5'7 but this banana completely dwarfs me. It's at least 12 feet tall or more.

Cucuzza fruiting like crazy. Had to give some fruit to the neighbors just because it's impossible to cook it all. I left one fruit on the tree to set seed.

Here they are all picked! 

My Succulent planter

My rarely photographed solitaire palm looking good in a shady corner of the yard. I might consider leaving this inside the house next summer.

Another rarely photographed part of my yard. Here's where I'll end my post. Thanks for looking as always! 

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