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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just a few more yard pics from last weekend.

The view from the family room

Usually I only post pictures of individual plants or small sections in the yard, so here are some pics that show a bit more of the yard than usual.

Most of my plumeria collection is along the path to the left and the mandevilla is the focal point climbing on the light post. I've had a bougainvillea in that spot in previous years, but it became very painful to bring indoors with all the thorns.

Sitting area. A desert rose sits on the table since it's just about the only interesting flowering plant that can tolerate (and really enjoy) the heat that it gets on the table. 

Bigger shot to include my Bottle palm I bought 3 summers ago and my Schefflera which has been around since 2010.

Can't remember if I posted this one already, but I really love this pic cause my plumeria is one of my favorite plants. Every year it gets harder and harder to bring inside, but I would like it to get as big as possible before I have to take some cuttings.

Thanks for looking!

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