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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My yard this weekend!

It was a nice day in the yard this weekend. My butterfly ginger I bought as a very tiny "tourist" plant from Hawaii back in August 2010 has started blooming again for the season and all the other tropicals are definitely in their prime. Here are some pics!

Pool area looking nice and full.

Plumeria is also very full this time of the year after being bare just 4 months ago.

A different perspective.

Tibouchina grandiflora, a plumeria, a Cassia, and some hibiscus! 

A different angle

I love this Cassia so much.

Here's that Butterfly ginger bloom I was talking about. The fragrance is incredible. It really is, I love it! 

Colocasia Mojito adds a nice touch to the rest of the tropicals.

Mandevillas are just awesome. Whether you love tropical plants or not, if you want a flower that will bloom through it all, Mandevillas are the plant to get!

Getting very excited to see my Scott Pratt Plumeria bloom.

It's nice and comfortable to sit outside this time of the year.

The front yard is definitely a HUGE improvement compared to last year. I can't even believe it when I look back at the pics on this blog. It's really incredible what some extra work in the spring will do by the end of the growing season.

This is going to be the 5th winter for my Sabal minor in the ground. I can't believe it's been that long! The Washingtona palm to the left is going to go through it's first winter in the ground this year. Hoping for a mild one, but don't worry, both will be protected after the disaster of last winter.

The cassia in the front yard hasn't bloomed as well as the one in the back (I think the soil is a bit too fertile for blooms to be forced) but it has put out a TON of great growth. From a small 6 inch tall plant to a plant that is now over 6 feet tall. 

The front yard would be nothing without my Ensete banana. Its big enough to be viewed at any corner in my tiny NYC front yard.

The plants by the garage are looking nice too.

The Colocasia "Mojito" here is bigger than any of the others in my yard. there's something about this spot that the plants really like. Maybe they just like neglect since this spot doesn't get as much attention as other parts of my yard.

A view of the front yard from above.

The pool isn't as appealing for swimming this time of the year as it was a few weeks ago, but it sure makes the yard look nice!

Thanks for looking!!

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