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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Late October Update in my backyard

While I am preparing things for winter, there are still a lot of plants enjoying their time outdoors.

The pool is long closed, but the plants are still giving their tropical effect to the area.

I love the fragrance of ginger this time of the year.

Brugmansias produce an equally incredible fragrance.

Still a lot of color in this very late October yard.

Almost more palmy than ever since all the palms went under the tree just incase we did get a frost.

I am already looking forward to making more succulent planters like this next season. I used potted plants from Home depot to create this look, but next year I will probably just buy succulent cuttings from somewhere online and save cuttings from this planter. It will be much cheaper!

A little tropical fall foliage with my Schefflera seed pods.

Tropical Hibiscus blooms with my Adondila palm in the distance.

My Mandevilla is still going very strong!

Knockout roses are known to have a nice and long blooming season and I definitely can agree. I gave these roses to my grandparents and they love them too. They bloom best in the spring and in the Fall. It's very welcome to have blooms in the Fall when everything else is starting to die down.

Bringing this huge banana in will be quite a project in and of itself.

When I got this loquat, the nursery people thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to plant it in the ground and let it survive the winter. They swore this plant is a "super tropical" that will die with a frost. Well it survived our April snow storm in the spring and while I will protect it, I will test it's limits a bit too. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi. Just found your blog by clicking on "tropical gardening" in my profile and it showed me several people who also have tropical gardening as an interest. I am very impressed with your tropical garden there in NY! How does it all look now with the snow? I was interested to see the berries on the Schefflera. I rarely get to see them on plants here...maybe because they are kept so trimmed. I remember using them in an Xmas wreath many years ago but really can only remember seeing them two times. aloha

    1. Hi Stellamarina! Sorry for my late reply. I checked out your blog, beautiful things! I absolutely love Hawaii, you are lucky to have such a nice climate and beautiful landscape. My Butterfly ginger actually came from Hawaii from those little tourist plants they have at the airport shop. They are taller than me just 4 years later!
      My yard is definitely not too special during the winter. I still have a few hardier potted plants outside like my agaves and confederate Jasmine. My Washingtonia palms was covered during a cold spell in November but all of them have been uncovered for this month so that helps keep the tropical feel a bit longer. My yard has fortunately escaped snow so far this season, but it won't be much longer before we start seeing some! Next spring the deck is going to get ripped out and replaced by brick pavers so I will have a lot more planting space and I plan on adding some interesting broadleaf evergreens to keep the yard looking tropical all year instead of only 7 months.
      Thank you for looking!