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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Some more Tropical Mid October Pics around my yard

Temperatures are in the 50s today, but it looks warmer than that around the yard today. Here are some pics.
Front yard with my largest Ensete Banana, a large Cassia, my crape myrtles, kipper king hibiscus, roses, and other stuff too. 

A different angle. 

Here's a view of my washy now that less plants are blocking it.  Looking healthy but it's still young and will be vulnerable this winter. 

Close up of the Ensete's psudeostem. 

There are ;lots of seed pods on my lantana. Here's a tiny one with just one ripe seed left on it. 

Butterfly ginger blooming beautifully on this cool October day. 

The hibiscus are opening up a bit late with the cool weather. This one is only half opened despite it being the middle of the afternoon. 

Other blooms on the plant last much longer with the cooler weather so that is a plus! 

Morning glories also remaining open on this dark, chilly day. 

No fall foliage in my backyard yet, but lots of flower colors to make up for it. 

Plumeria still looking as awesome as always. Hopefully I can keep it happy indoors this winter and it will be just as beautiful next summer. 

Spanish moss will definitely start stealing the show when the cherry tree starts losing it's leaves. Makes for a good halloween decoration of the leaves fall off by then! 

Flowers through the palm fronds. 

My monstera and new brugmansia along with some old croton plants. 

Looking through the top of the Gazebo to see the tops of some tropical foliage 

Thanks for looking!

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