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Monday, July 11, 2016

Things You Can Do With Zucchinni

I'm pretty new to the edible gardening game, but with all the hard work I put into the yard it's nice to get something physical out of it as a reward every once in a while. My zucchini have been putting out absolutely massive fruits which have let me scrambling for things to do with them.

This post is dedicated to the things that a 21 year old guy (me) can cook with a zucchini plant!

Here's my massive zucchini fruit. Unfortunately the watermelon is from the store and is for scale (it's a normal sized watermelon, not a mini).

I made "baked" zucchini fries which were meant to be a healthy twist on fried zucchini. They were nice and crunchy and best of all, healthy. What you see in this picture is from 1 zucchini! 

When I'm up early and have time in the morning I pick zucchini flowers. Usually I'll collect 10 - 20 which is enough to do great things. Like Quiche Frutti Di Zucca (Quiche with zucchini blossoms). I filled it with egg white and gouda cheese to try and make it healthy. Next time I'd just use eggs yolk and all! 

I also make stuffed zucchini blossoms which is ricotta cheese and basil inside zucchini blossoms which are then battered up and fried! Here's some photos of the basil I use from my yard to make the stuffed blossoms. Basil has to be the most rewarding thing you can grow in the yard without a doubt!

 Lettuce Leaf Basil is amazing!

Genovese Basil is quite a beauty too. Check out the glass for scale, these leaves are massive!

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