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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Weekly Update (June 9, 2013)

Another week has gone by since my last "Sunday Update" and just one week made a huge difference even though temperatures were not too warm.
Here are some pics...

 Foxtail palm to the left slowly recovering from sun damage while my solandra maxima and plumeria are breaking dormancy after a long winter indoors.

 Front yard

The Ensete has already put out 4 leaves! Not too bad for early June, expecting some great growth on it this season. My Brugmansia is filling out nicely also, already seeing some early buds on it. I just bought a small brugmansia to go on the other side of the Ensete. Once it gets some more growth that will be planted out! My Alocasia is putting out it's first leaf of the season and it should be adding a lot to that area soon! The Sabal Minor is doing it's thing.

 The plants on my step suffered a but from sun danage, but are slowly recovering. My Solitare palm took a hard hit from the sun since it grew so many new fronds indoors. It should look much better in another month. My Monstera should have no problem recovering from it's minor leaf burn and my rubber tree had very little sun damage (they are really easy plants to bring back out after a winter indoors!)

Thats it for today. Looks like more rain tomorrow so I get another day off!

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