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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday Update (June 17, 2013)

Not much has changed in this area since last week. 

I had a philodendron next to my saba, I moved that and plan on getting some type of colorful elephant ear to put in it's place (whatever I can find).

Closer look at that area. Not a lot of room to work with.

The butterfly ginger in this area is growing pretty well, and my Alocasia is opening a new leaf so that should be really starting to look ok in a few more weeks! 

Closer look of my largest trachy. Still pretty small, but it's getting there!

Front yard plants are coming along well. Just bought a decent sized brugmansia that should come in the mail this week. That will be put next to my philodendron behind the mediterranean fan palm. 

The oleanders are starting to bloom! 

Daylilies are blooming too! 


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