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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Random Backyard Shots

Just some pics around the yard today.

Here are my Brugmansias...

Just got these a few weeks ago. Hoping they bloom this year.

My oldest Brugmansia (got it off E-bay in October 2010) is budding already...

Thailand Giant Elephant ear. Seems to be a pretty good grower, looking forward to seeing how it grows.

My Potted banana is growing a lot faster than my Saba Banana in the ground.

Butterfly ginger getting a very late start this year. Alocasia and caladiums are right on schedule.

The electricity went out in my yard in February and my Livistona was left unheated during a night of 19F! It had a lot of damage, but it is coming back well. The Purple heart plants in this pic have survived 2 winters.

My largest and by far most robust alocasia. 

A look at my Sabal Minor palm with some tropical "annuals". It's been surviving the winter in the ground since 2009.

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