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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A look back at 2014

The weather is as cold as ever, but the last month of Meteorological Winter is upon us. The days are noticeably longer so spring will inevitably be knocking on our doors very soon and the growing season will begin again. This time of the year I start to look for inspiration for next year's tropical garden. This summer will bring a lot of new growing opportunities because the yard is being redone and there will be a lot more planting space because of it. That gives me the opportunity to push my temperate growing boundaries with many more subtropical plants. I'm currently leaning towards broadleaf evergreens but time will tell.

Here's a look back at my favorite things from 2014.


  1. Nice photos! A new year brings new opportunities!

  2. Thanks a lot John! The 2015 growing season should be another fun one. Looking forward to seeing how things grow for you in the next few months also!