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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Plumeria Jenny

Here are some bloom pics from my Plumeria Jenny. Got it as a 5 gal from Jungle Jacks about 3 weeks ago. The blooms are up to 5 inches in diameter, really incredible plumeria, already one of my favorites!


  1. Love the Jenny. Did you take it down to FL with you?

    1. Dave in NoVA here, by the Way

    2. Thanks Dave! I love your plumeria collection. My Jenny is up here in NYC. I took down a few of my "Divine" plumerias, my variegated plumeria "Maya", and "Melody". I bought Inca Gold and Jackie recently too and I am taking a cutting off my "Scott Pratt" down with me to FL when I visit NYC.
      The plumerias are definitely happier in FL, but I have more blooms right now in NYC than I do in FL from them!