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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Entire Plumeria Collection

Well here it is, pretty much my entire plumeria collection.

Here's one of my newest purchases, my Plumeria Jenny from Jungle Jacks. It just came in the mail 3 weeks ago and has a load of blooms on it. I got it as a 5 gallon, definitely recommend!

I also got my Plumeria "Crazy" from Jungle jacks about 3 weeks ago. Not expecting any blooms from it this year, but maybe next year it will bloom if I am lucky.

Here's my California Sunset. A friend gave it to me about 2 years ago and it has been a slow grower. I recently repotted it so hopefully that will give it the push it needs to start growing faster.

Got this Adenium in Summer 2011. In the past I've had terrible luck getting these to survive indoors; however, this one has been an exception.

From left to Right: My variegated Plumeria "Maya". I've had it since summer 2009 and it has never bloomed and has not grown much. Still a very cool novelty plant. In the center is my Scott Pratt given to me from a friend as a cutting 2 summers ago. It rooted really well and is a very vigorous grower. Hoping for some blooms soon! To the very right is my Plumeria Divine. The mother plant rotted this year but the cuttings live on.

My Plumeria "melody" came in the mail 3 weeks ago with some last blooms on it.

I got my Plumeria "Pretty Princess" in Summer 2010. Pretty decent semi compact grower that reliably blooms every year (although usually pretty late in the season unfortunately) 

My oldest and biggest plumeria. Got this as a 1 foot tall plant in March 2009. It has no ID, but has really nice red blooms and is a very fast grower. It blooms every year, usually starting around September or late August.

Thats most of my plumerias. I have 2 more Plumeria "Divine" cuttings, a very small Plumeria Obtusa (got it in August 2010) and another NO ID plumeria that has not bloomed since 2010.


  1. Hello! your garden is impressive!
    I am myself having frew tropical plants on a balcony:
    plumeria, papaya, passion fruit and banana tree.
    My question is how do you get plumeria to bloom in winter (we are in summer and mine are not blooming yet)? And have you ever had blooms on passion fruit yet?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Benjamin!
      Sounds like you have a beautiful balcony. I do not provide anything too special for my plumerias. Many growers will give them fertilizer in the spring to ensure some blooms in summer. Mine seem to bloom whenever they feel ready to. Some cultivars need more branch growth than others to start blooming and usually the first bloom takes 2 or 3 years to show up (but I have had some that bloomed their first year).
      I try to avoid getting plumerias to bloom during the winter since spider mites love plumerias indoors, but if they are developing buds late into the fall I will sit them by my very sunny southern window and keep them well watered. Sometimes they are happy enough to bloom all winter in that spot (and into the next spring or summer!)
      I have gotten a few passion fruit form my vines but they were small and full of seeds so I haven't actually eaten one. The blooms are beautiful enough for me though!