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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1st Post Ever, small sample of what I grow.

Hi! I've been growing tropical plants here in NYC for several years now and every year the collection gets bigger and bigger and the plants in the collection have also gotten a lot bigger too! This post is just a "small" summary of last season. 

Some of the plants you see in these pics are Buttefly ginger, Spiral ginger, Musa Saba, Musa Blue Java (Ice Cream Banana), mediterranean fan palm, mandevilla, peace lilies, dicksonia antarctica tree fern, Sky Glory Vine, Passion Vine, Elephant ears, Plumeria Divine (among other plumerias as well), Brugmansia "Ember Glow",  Frostproof Gardenia, oleanders, Sabal minor, Crape Myrtle "Zuni", Desert Rose, Hibiscus, papaya, and some others. Not included are most of my cold hardy palms (which I will post soon) and about half of my other tropicals.

I hope you enjoy this blog! I will try to update as regularly as I can.

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