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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hawaii Souveneir Plants

When I got plants from my trip to Hawaii in August 2010, I was really curious to see how long they would take to grow. However, I could not find any information or pictures on the internet about these "tourist" "souvenier" plants that you find in Hawaii. So thats why I made this post. Here is how my plants from Hawaii are doing on May 26, 2012 about 1 year and a half older!
Butterfly ginger. These bloomed for me last year. Now they are sprouting back up and ready for another summer. They are very robust. They were small plants when I bought them so I kept them in pots over the winter indoors. Then I planted them in the ground in 2011 and they took off growing to 4 feet tall by November. Here they are as of today! They will be much more impressive in a few weeks.

Next up is my coconut palm. When I got this it was a coconut palm with a little sprout and no roots. I potted it up and gave it full sun. It had no problems indoors by a sunny window and here it is now 1 year and a half later! Its a tall coconut variety and they do much better in pots and indoors than the dwarf varieties. I do have a dwarf malayan coconut palm in the left of this picture that is about a year older than the tall coconut from Hawaii.

Here is my Tillandsia that is mounted onto a lava rock. When I got this it was in bloom. Its pretty easy to care for and Im hoping for some blooms on it again someday.

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