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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Plumerias Loving This Heat

Often by mid September the plumerias are starting to show some signs of cooler times ahead. The oldest leaves might drop off, the blooms might get smaller, or maybe they just aren't blooming as vigorously as during the summer. The past few Septembers have been really hot and muggy and so far this month has not been an exception. Dew points in the upper 70s with days in the 80s and 90s and nights near 80F is enough heat to keep plumerias in full color and bloom! 
The tropical palms love it too! 


Close up of some orchids and Staghorn fern relaxing under the shade of the plumerias.

Plumeria Melody in the background and Crazy in the foreground. Melody is a late season bloomer and Crazy really almost never stops blooming! I enjoy both quite a lot! 

Snuck a hibiscus shot in the foreground of this photo. Hibiscus and plumeria are such a perfect combo! 

Thanks for looking!

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