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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Some End of July Photos Around the Yard

My sitting area

A few steps back.

This coconut palm was just a sprout in June 2009. It's stayed small and healthy ever since!


Side entrance to my yard has come a long way in the past few years.

Pool area

Plumeria "Crazy" living up to its name.

Happy that my Kopper King Hibiscus are starting to bloom! The Adondila is enjoying its 5th summer in my yard!

Love the silvery undersides to my Trachys at night.

Lots of things going well in this picture.

Bees buzzing on the ice plant blooms.

Crape Myrtles starting to do their thing! August is a big month for the crapes.

Check out the banana canna! So small just a few weeks ago and now HUGE!

I started this spaghetti squash as a seed in June from an expensive spaghetti squash from the supermarket. It is fruiting!

Some colocasia pups!

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