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Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Cordyline Australis has a GREAT year!

Two weeks ago you would not be able to find this plant in my yard as it was hidden behind a forest of castor beans and cannas. Now it's one of the centerpieces of my yard because while it was in that corner it was getting huge and beautiful! 

Cordyline Australis is a pretty hardy plant. Sold as "spikes" at local nurseries, they are possibly the most common annual to see year from year coming in green and purple. The green form is actually pretty cold tolerant and during mild winters they survive in their pots and are reused by people for another year or 2. Rarely do people make an effort to save these plants long term in NYC, but three years ago I had an unusually vigorous plant so I kept it in the garage when it got below 20F outside.

It was pretty big this past winter, here's a photo of it "enjoying" a very wet snow storm...

Now it's really massive! Here it is as of now, about 6 months after that previous photo. It has literally doubled in size! Hopefully the 8 foot tall light pole and the planter serves as a useful scale. 

Thanks for looking!

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