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Friday, March 18, 2016

A few March Blooms

March is a very transitional month here in NYC. We've had our share of warm Marches where it's warm enough to start taking the plants back outside - and we've had our share of cold Marches, that feel like an extension of February.
This march has been pretty mild overall so far and definitely mild enough to make planting pansies a worthwhile effort.

Potted Hyacinth slowly waking up. 

The Daffodils are blooming in full force! 

My loquat providing some green as my other trees start to bud 

Things are doing well indoors too. My Gardenia and Confederate Jasmine have brought the scents of spring in the southeast into our living room. 

My coconut palm looks happy but I am sure it is looking forward to the hot and humid days of summer!

My various other tropicals are also definitely ready for summer also. My Spindle Palm looks like it is ready for a great season. This will be it's 4th summer which is the longest I have kept a spindle palm healthy for! 

Thanks for looking! 

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