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Monday, March 7, 2016

A few March Blooms (indoors)

March is definitely a transition month here in New York City. Often temperatures are warm enough for planting but it's way too risky to bring most of the tropical stuff outside just yet. But with the 80 degree days we have seen this week and the frost free forecast ahead, the plants around the yard will be greening up very quickly over the next few weeks! It's nice to see some the indoor plants blooming!

This orchid is a reliable bloomer for me. The flowers are very long lasting too. The buds developed outside in October and it's been blooming for 5 months now! 

This fuschia was blooming outside into the new year and it keeps on blooming indoors. A really easy plant and a beautiful one.

Confederate Jasmine is one of my favorite plants. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a longer bloom season. The scent from these tiny flowers is intoxicating. Everyone in zone 8 and up should have these by a doorway (although maybe as a potted plant as they can be aggressive in mild climates).

Tillandsia bulbosa blooming nicely. No signs of pups yet. The mother plant bloomed nearly a year ago and is still alive although it has not grown.

Speaking of waiting patiently for warmer weather my dog is really loving the milder days. She also likes getting more room around the house when the plants are outdoors for the season.

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