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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My biggest plumeria is blooming indoors!

Well I can't say I was expecting to post pictures of flowering plumerias in December in New York, but here we are. I've only had this happen one other time with a plumeria and it was 4 years ago and that plumeria was by a very bright window. This plumeria gets no direct sunlight indoors (plumerias usually require a lot of heat and sun to bloom). Plumerias also require a lot of heat to bring out the colors of the bloom, but I was very surprised to see decent coloration on the flowers and the inflorescence looks pretty healthy.
Another really cool thing about my largest plumeria flowering indoors is that I get to actually get close to the flowers. Usually the flowers are 15 feet up but since this plant is right next to my stair case I get to look right at it from my second floor. Here are some pictures…

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