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Sunday, August 17, 2014

(Almost) in bloom in the yard today!

Here are some pictures of plants that are just beginning to bloom or are almost in bloom today in my yard!

Castor bean plant making some unusual blooms. I'm a little afraid of how poisonous these plants are but they are beautiful!

My brugmansia has a lot of blooms on at the moment, but I think that even the opening flowers have a beauty of their own...

Popcorn Cassia not only smells like popcorn, the buds kind of look like popcorn kernels too when they are young. Should put on a nice show in a few weeks. My University has these plants in there garden also and mine are right on schedule with the ones there. 

Here's a Stephanotis Floribunda (Madagascar Jasmine) flower. Such a cool plant. When I got it from home depot EVERY SINGLE FLOWER AND BUD dropped from the plant (typical I guess), but the plant itself remained happy and now that it's used to being in my yard, it decided to make some blooms again. It's also growing like crazy! 

Patiently waiting for my Scott Pratt Plumeria to start blooming. I looked at pics of it on August 3rd (2 weeks ago to date) and it has made decent progress, but based on that, it looks like I will not be getting blooms for another month. I hope September is a warm one so I can see the dark colors this plumeria has!

As always, thanks for looking!

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