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Friday, June 2, 2017

Magnolia Ashei - Amazing Foliage, Even Better Blooms!

 Magnolia Ashei is a subspecies of M. macrophylla. M. Macrophylla grow to be huge trees with large, beautiful leaves that definitely give a tropical feel even though they are native to the Northeastern US. 

Ashei is a shorter growing version making it a better option for a NY backyard. I have mine in full sun and it tolerates it pretty well, but it loves shade so this would be a great option for a magnolia in shade. This is it's second year and the second time it's bloomed. It hasn't branched out yet. We'll see if that starts to happen this summer.

The fragrance is incredible. It smells identical to a Southern Magnolia bloom, but the bloom itself is shorter lived and not as strong as southern magnolia blooms.

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