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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fresh Snow!

Everyone has been asking the same question: What happened to winter!? It seems as if we have been in a bit of a snow drought this season, but this latest storm (a relatively modest 9.4" in Central Park) actually brings our annual snow total about 5 inches above the average! But compared to the past few years where we have seen incredible snow storms, this winter pales in comparison.
Unfortunately the night after big snow storms usually get VERY cold which in combination with freezing and thawing snow spells disaster for subtropicals that stay green all season long. So the less of that the better for my yard!
For the most part everything still looks the same as my last update. The only exception is my small potted Nanital Trachycarpus. It was frozen solid and saw temperatures in the low teens and has recently suffered MAJOR spear pull. I am not expecting a recovery, but we will see.
Here are some snow pics!


  1. Alex thanks for publishing that update.
    I cant wait to see whats happening in your Florida home and wondering if you will incorporate it here or start a new blog. Thanks! Happy Spring in NY and Florida.

    1. Thanks Rob! I'm not sure where I'll put the updates from my Florida yard. I might use this blog for them, but still post mostly photos from my NY yard. Although I'm not living in NY anymore I still am going to try and visit every few months to update how the plants are doing!
      I have some updates coming up right now!
      Thanks for looking!

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