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Saturday, October 8, 2016

October Blooms Around The Yard

The weather is certainly cooler but don't try telling these plants that! Many flowers are still going strong despite the change in the weather and the noticably shorter days.

You'll see Mandevilla, Mums, Cleome, and Hibiscus in these photos

First, my Summer Storm Hibiscus has proven to be an absolute winner. It is the first to start blooming of the hardy hibiscus and it seems like it will never stop blooming. Seeing big and beautiful tropical blooms year after year from July to November without having to do ANYTHING is pretty incredible. This cultivar is far superior to Kopper King.

Can't complain about the beautiful Cleomes either! 

Who knew Mandevillas and Mums could look so awesome together! 

Cannas are going strong as well! 
Not quite a bloom but Southern Magnolias do have some pretty awesome seed pods this time of the year worth sharing. When I was little and saw these trees in Florida I called them "Artichoke Trees" because that's what I thought they were. Happy to have an "Artichoke Tree" in my own yard!

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