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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Smell of the Tropics! … in a temperate backyard

A few shots around the yard of the many fragrant tropical blooms in the yard. 

My Plumeria "Crazy" has bloomed like crazy as promised. I'll make a separate post about this plumeria soon! 

Plumeria "Crazy" below and "Jenny" above.

Just the Jenny

For those with a little less space Plumeria Divine is a good choice! I got this one in 2010. The main plant rotted and I'm not sure why, but when I saw the rot, I took cuttings of what was healthy and it lives on today and blooms like crazy! 

It's been a while since I have seen my southern magnolias bloom but I do miss their unusual fragrance. 

These ember yellow brugmansias only smell at night. The smell reminds me of detergent! 

My Jasmine put on a big show indoors in March and again in June but it has bloomed sporadically almost all summer long.

Heres a plant you would definitely NOT expect to be fragrant. Snake plants aka Mother-In-Law tounges - whatever you call them - they are hardy, cheap, and common houseplants. Few people know they can bloom too. The blooms are really hard to spot but the fragrance at night is not. If you have these plants outside and ever smell something sweet and have no idea where it is coming from, take a look, you might have some blooms! 

This one is a real favorite of mine cause it's kind of unusual and surprisingly hardy (and even more importantly  compact growing!). It's a Stephanotis also known as Pua Male. There is no fragrance at all during the day, but an incredible fragrance at night! 

I could picture it on a Lani in Hawaii (instead of a patio in New York!)

I don't usually pick favorites but my Butterfly Ginger might be it! Amazing fragrance. I got this one from Hawaii as a tiny tourist plant. Now it gets taller than me every fall and blooms reliably late August until November! I can see why they are so desirable in frost free climates especially. 

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