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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Some greenery around the yard today.

The weather was a little chilly today, but nice enough to get a lot of digging done. The bananas are all snug for the winter and most of the potted plants are indoors. I still have a lot of things in the ground in the backyard still around but I will attempt to take those in before our first frost which on average is in mid November.

The last nice pictures of my large Ensete banana. This plant weighed at least 200 pounds even after the leaves were cut off. Very very heavy for its size. The trunk is about as tall as me.

It was painful to cut off all these beautiful leaves,  but that's the only way for such a big plant to fit in my small garage for storage during the winter

Cassia blooms are still very nice.

My dog was very curious (and also enjoying the breeze)

The cut leaves on the Ensete banana trunk made for a pretty cool look

Wider view

A nice shot of some Virga. The sun was starting to set so it looked really cool. I kept looking for a rainbow but I couldn't find one. I must have just missed it behind the trees or houses because the conditions couldn't have been better for a rainbow.

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